Monday, September 16, 2019

Why we hike the Billy Goat Trail

We begin each year with a vigorous hike along the Billy Goat Trail so that our entire community goes into the second week of classes having had a common experience, for good or ill. We hope that it's fun, that it's challenging, that it stretches everyone a bit beyond their comfort level. We hope that they're amazed that a place so similar to Montana is but a few miles from DC. We hope that they feel a sense of accomplishment. We hope that they learn that to take on difficulties and persevere. We hope that they'll find a lifelong activity, walking in nature. We hope that they support each other over the tricky parts (especially the cliff). We hope that they'll gripe and grumble and yet love what they did. We hope that they see the parallels to school and life and can draw on this confidence in the year ahead.

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