Thursday, February 26, 2015

Backup Friday

Today we're beginning a new tradition at Nora... Backup Friday. As we find our lives tied ever more closely to technology, and with myriad ways to work, basic tech hygiene is more critical than ever. In addition to anti-virus, anti-spyware, and other anti-malware protections, it's important to have copies of our critical work stored in more than one place.  At Nora, students' architecture, photography, video, and digital design work is stored on the local hard drives in our computer lab, and should be backed up on Fridays to a NAS drive (Network Attached Storage), which is then backed up by the teacher to a protected NAS space.   We encourage students to also back up their work onto personal flash drives or into cloud storage such as Dropbox or Google Drive each Friday so that they have their own copies of work in the event their personal computer crashes. Horror stories abound... hard drive crashes, file corruption, viruses, drops, spills, all can ruin a week's or a year's worth of work. A photographer I follow recently wrote about losing 12 terabytes of photographs (takeaway: print your photos).  Note to parents: this isn't just for students. Have you backed up your work and other critical files recently? I use for automatic backing up of my drives and removable storage for about $50/year for unlimited space with very little performance hit.  I also use to find free anti-malware tools for kids (and teachers) who haven't installed updated protection. Given how much of our work is no longer tangible, keeping it safe, organized, and backed up is more important than ever, if no less boring a task!
Eight Terabytes of NAS takes up little space and can save the day!

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