Sunday, January 25, 2009

What a country!

Has there ever in history been a country capable of self-correction like America? Last Tuesday's inauguration was truly an amazing experience, one I thought I'd never see. True, it took a disastrous eight years to open the more conservative parts of the country to see the value of having a smart capable leader (that's the cynic in me), but nonetheless America has a black president. How remarkable!

The day was inspiring as well, despite the hassles of getting through security to get to the mall. Metro did a fantastic job getting the four of us (including my wife, my son, and his friend who's a girl, but not a girlfriend), along with a million others, into and out of the city with relatively little difficulty. The less said about the ridiculous level of security fences and barriers the better... no reason to spoil a nice memory, but I sure am glad we didn't take the whole school!

Now, of course, the hard work starts. It's good to see Obama treating our current crisis for the opportunity it is. We have the chance to create some long overdue changes amidst the crisis, and I think our president has the vision and discipline to do it. Will our attention challenged culture allow the necessary time for change to take place? Stay tuned.

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