Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Chris Conlon, the man to whom I turn to see what part of the technology universe has entered the mainstream, recently started a blog, A Certain Slant of Light. Having introduced blogging to Nora two years ago with this Headlines series, it ocurred to me that I'd let this thing languish a bit, not feeling that I had anything terribly interesting to share with the world. And for me, as for many of our students, writing does not come that easily. I quite enjoy reading blogs, and follow some photography blogs quite closely, but in all the day to day activity I just never got around to revisiting this blog. Inspired by Chris' example, however, I'm going to restart this fellow in the hope of discipling myself to put pen to paper (so to speak) a couple of times a week with thoughts that may be of interest to the world at large. Feel free to comment and/or suggest topics as, unlike Chris, my writing tends to be more reactive to the world than proactive upon it.

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