Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Creating Community

Another school year brings with it the creation of an entirely new school community, containing the remnants of those gone by along with new DNA brought in by our newcomers. This is my 21st go-round at a new community at Nora, and my (gulp) 33rd as an educator..
. how time flies! It's always amazing how in ways both intentional and random our community comes together. With a first week hike along the Billy Goat Trail, a Senior Retreat, a trip to the new Martin Luther King Memorial, or just hanging out at lunchtime, our new students and teachers both affect and are affected by the Nora community. While some may think that "community" means that we all just get along, that's not what a real community is like. In fact, it's in working through conflict and difficulties, both stylistic and profound, that we become one community. While we might like to think it's already happened, that would be magical thinking. Communities evolve and change, for the better if we do our jobs well, and the Nora community next May will be different in many ways than the group of folks we are today. So I hope that everyone enjoys the journey, understanding that it will be more like the Billy Goat Trail than like the towpath, and that straight lines, in life as in hiking, are usually not all that interesting.